Since its inception, our team has screened 1000+ films including hundreds of World Premieres. The festival has visited some of the world’s greatest venues and hosted hundreds of judges and filmmakers from around the globe. The festival is looking for the undiscovered film & the visionary voice behind it.

The “technology” in our festival’s name comes from the festival’s embracing new and emerging entertainment technology not only in films, but also for the method of the screenings themselves. In fact, the festival has the distinction of being the first to use several new technologies. As Film Threat noted, “(The festival) uses technology as a method to showcase projects with new and often cutting-edge technological advancements.” But, of course, the festival’s focus has always been on finding the very best shorts, features, documentaries, animations, experimental films, web series, TV series and more. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of screening hundreds of amazing works from some of the world’s top talents.

Past award winners include:

  • Home Delivery written by Stephen King & Elio Quiroga and Presented by Guillermo del Toro
  • The Receipt directed by Tim Garrick and featuring Kristen Bell and Dina Meyer
  • The Freak, a breakthrough CG animated film by director Aristomenis Tsirbas (Battle for Terra)
  • Traffic Warden, a short live action film by director Donald Rice, staring future Dr. Who, David Tennant
  • Moongirl written & directed by Henry Selick (This short was LAIKA’s first production)
  • And countless others
Isaac Adamson

Isaac Adamson

Portland-based screenwriter Isaac Adamson has written film and TV projects for Netflix, Lionsgate, Fox, AMC and a host of others. His script “Bubbles” was the #1 screenplay on the 2015 Black List and he’s the author of five published novels. He’d rather be playing soccer, though, or noodling around on guitar, or doing just about anything besides writing. 


David Winning

46 Features, 29 Series, over 180 TV credits, David Winning is a US/Canada Dual Citizen and veteran film & television Director and Producer. He has experience in all genres including sci-fi, horror, drama, action, theatrical release, movies-of-the-week, episodic, romance, westerns, Christmas movies, comedy, family, kid’s series, live audience multi-cam, situation comedies, web-based, etc.  Started 2017 on the Netflix/SYFY Channel action series VAN HELSING, a post-apocalyptic take on the vampire rising based on a graphic novel, directing multiples including the third Season Finale and opening the explosive fourth season. He has directed 26 Christmas and family films for the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime, including 3 Films in the popular Blake Shelton TIME series, 2 final Films in the FATHER CHRISTMAS series, a top #5 NEW YORK TIMES PICK: THE TREE THAT SAVED CHRISTMAS and UNLEASHING MR. DARCY, which broke the Network record on social media with 47 million tweets. He has worked for NETFLIX, HALLMARK, SYFY CHANNEL, LIFETIME, NICKELODEON, PARAMOUNT, MGM, 20TH CENTURY FOX, HBO, LIONSGATE, among others and has directed in locations including Scotland, Budapest, Vancouver, Montreal and Los Angeles.

More information is available at www.DavidWinning.com.